About Us

Shopbox was founded by Stuart Archbold, owner of well known Logistics provider Archbold Logistics, a family business based in Heywood near Manchester and with various depots around Britain.

Archbold Logistics used to deliver white goods to customers back in the 1990s and frequently experienced issues with delivering when the customer was not available. The result was that delivery times and costs quickly mounted. When the internet was in its infancy, Stuart recognised that home shopping was sure to revolutionise the way businesses work and customers shop, and he identified that there would be a massive problem in terms of delivering to customers at pre-defined time slots for groceries.

Shopbox, a patented concept, was borne as a solution for the unattended delivery of groceries and parcels. It was designed so that customers wouldn’t need to be at home to receive their deliveries, and so that delivery companies didn’t need to stick to time inflexible slots, leaving them to focus on finding the most efficient and cost effective delivery route.

In 2010 the original electrically powered Shopbox model made an appearance on the BBCs Dragon’s Den. There Stuart and, then CEO, Andrew Leslie, narrowly missed out on a £1 million offer from Peter Jones, then a record offer for the show. Luckily for Shopbox, they had already secured alternative investment, and from that point on, Shopbox has been owned by members of the Archbold family along with other investors. A new model has since been designed, aesthetically and technically much more advanced than the last. It’s available for use outside the home and also for click and collect locker banks, and importantly it no longer needs any connection to power yet still keeps food chilled and frozen until required by the customer.*

In late 2015 Shopbox designed an additional product to add to its portfolio. Puffin Packaging pouches are a single use, environmentally friendly packaging solution, and facilitate smaller deliveries of chilled goods. These handy pouches, insulated with wool and made from recyclable materials, are ideal for the smaller business, such as fishmongers, delis or butchers, who wish to send chilled and frozen produce to customers through the post. For more information on Puffin Packaging, please visit

*see terms and conditions for full details.


We believe Shopbox is a game changer for the unattended delivery of parcels and groceries. It’s the only product of its kind
Stuart Archbold Founder, Shopbox
I love my Shopbox. Suits our lifestyle, our night shifts when we're asleep in the day. It is the talk of the town
Anon, Surrey Existing Shopbox customer
A really good piece of equipment for me and my extra flexibility


How much does Shopbox cost?

As a retailer you can either buy or rent Shopbox, with the cost dependent on the volumes ordered and the length of contract agreed. Some or all of the cost can be passed on to the customer, or Shopbox can be offered as part of a loyalty programme.

How much can Shopbox save?

Research using retailer data and routing software suggests that savings of up to £3.50 per drop can be made by using Shopbox depending on retailer delivery densities. Savings come from more efficient delivery routes which result in reduced fuel costs and fewer vans being needed. Retailers will decide how much of the savings can be passed to the consumer, and how much they keep to reduce their losses on online delivery.

How do I know Shopbox is secure?

Shopbox is bolted to an external fixture such as a wall or gate so it cannot be stolen. The lock is fully secure and can be programmed to be opened using either a customer’s chosen PIN or with a single use PIN.

Where can Shopbox be installed?

Shopbox is ideal for use outside the home or in public areas such as outside a school, train station or supermarket carpark, where a bank of boxes can be installed in a row.

How long will food stay cold?

Shopbox has been rigorously tested to keep chilled food at under 5 °C and frozen food at -15°C for a minimum of 12 hours at a consistent ambient temperature of 32°C.

What is the capacity of a Shopbox?

Shopbox is designed to fit a fully trolley load of shopping, or 241 litres in total. External dimensions are 100cm (h) x 90cm (w) x 60cm (d)

How does Shopbox stay cold?

Shopbox is kept at the required temperature by custom-designed eutectic plates (patent pending). These are pre-frozen by the retailer and delivered along with the shopping. The customer leaves the existing eutectic plates inside the Shopbox ready for the deliverer to collect and refreeze.

Once installed, can Shopbox be moved?

Although Shopbox is designed to remain in situ outside of a customer’s home or at a click & collect premises, Shopbox has a subtle wheel on one side which means it can be moved when needed.

How does the lock work?

The lock technology can integrate with a retailer’s existing infrastructure. It is SIM-enabled and communicates with a server that sends status notifications to the customer and retailer. The lock can be opened using pre-defined PIN codes or single-use PINs sent via text.

Who are Shopbox?

Shopbox is an Archbold family business backed by other investors, and inspired by UK family business Archbold Logistics Ltd: